The Nasugbu region is a unique Batangas destination that has several beach resorts and activities. This area is constantly being developed and improved. Those who are residing in the city go to Nasugbu during the holidays or for a short trip. Many local television shows choose to shoot in the area due to its scenic destinations.

On the way to this region, you will pass through hills, mountains, rice fields and fruit stands. The overall terrain is hilly due to the geographical make up of the area. At the end of Nasugbu, you will find the South China Sea. 42 barangays or smaller towns are included within the perimeter of this Philippines travel destination.


Nasugbu is considered to be a progressive region compared to the other parts of Batangas due to a committed local governing system. The economy thrives due to the tourism and agriculture. The literacy rate is above average, which makes getting around easy for many international travelers. The government opened up the area for outside investors with hopes to further develop the hard to reach places. As a result, foreign residents have been steadily increasing in population.

Crime rate in this Batangas region is relatively low. The local police force is always on high alert as the media keeps a close eye on the events around Nasugbu.

Beaches And Resorts

The Nasugbu region was declared a special tourism zone in August 3, 2007. Since then, large companies were appointed to oversee the expansion of the beaches and resorts. The beaches are well kept and managed. White sand is common in the area, as well as brown and slightly rocky. The shorelines are relatively short and some parts of the beaches are shallow.

There are numerous cliff diving sites around Nasugbu. Most are accessible via car or boat. Some nearby islands are great for diving, or lounging. Seafood is abundant around the resorts, as well as grilled items. You can expect the food to always be fresh and aromatic. Roast chicken is common and is eaten with rice wrapped in banana leaves.

The Local Experience

Many local city dwellers own beach houses around the Nasugbu region. For some that allow weekend rentals, this can be a great way to experience what the local region has to offer. Nasugbu has a bit of everything that other Batangas beach resorts have. You can find nice beaches, great food, unique snorkeling sites, a well-developed city and local shops. People who want to experience what Batangas has to offer all in one region may find this location to be very accommodating to their curiosity.

Punta Fuego

Punta Fuego is also a great Batangas tourist spot due to its location. Many travelers take boats to neighboring beaches and islands. Weddings and special events are common in Punta Fuego, as there are several different venues to choose from within the beach resort. The best way to get to Punta Fuego is using a private or hired car, due to the winding and hilly roads.